Kymco Noodoe App

During my time working at Noodoe Inc. from 2016 to 2020, I was responsible for implementing app that could work with KYMCO dashboard through Bluetooth connection. In this post I’ll briefly go through how I’ve done it and what challenges I’ve faced.

Worked in the team of about 12 people, we delivered a tightly integrated production involving PM, designer, app, backend, firmware, hardware and QA. And this is my first time join a team with firmware/hardware and specialized QA members!Experiencing intensive testing and code review really made me suffer at least for about 2 months! Luckily it’s also what makes me greater!

Using Bluetooth connection as center point of product, we transfered commands, images and even navigation instructions onto dashboard. To create and edit all those data, with other team members we implemented a flexible editor to help user create speedmeter, weather, compass, album widget etc. for the mini display on the dashboard. Other than visual display, I also implemented a emergency mechanism to make call or recording what’s happening on site by receiving falling signal from dashboard. And a dashboard-triggered media controller to play/pause music player running on your phone.

Another big achivement while working at Noodoe Inc. is implementing custom views (like a mini multimedia player called journey view) that can playing a route on map and animating sets of images with selected music in the background. All of which are read from a well-defined json file generated by editor. Personally proud of delivering such a beautiful journey view to showcase our product goals.

The real challenge to implement this journey view is keep resources been used low but also efficient enough to get view ready for display and also purge those views removed. Ploting GPS coordinates onto GoogleMap to generate as X/Y coordinates is another challenge and fun thing to do. After hardwork, watching lines drawiing along X/Y coordinates calculated is so satisfying for me(literally).

I also introduced Kotlin for my team while working on another side project. Starting small and convinced other members to join me to use it for main projects later.

popular journey timeline

Player in journey oage

journey page player

One route in journey

journey route

Vehicle locator in map

Vehicle locator in map

Vehicle locator in compass

Vehicle locator in compass

For entire Noodoe app experience

You can watch Noodoe experience in 3 mins on Youtube or install Kymco Noode on Google Play

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