Hi there! I’m Robert.

After migrating all around internet (from Wretch/Pixnet to Blogger to Ghost blog on Digital Ocean), I’ve decided to settle down on Github for now.

Realizing it’s about CONTENTS! not about fumbling formats or blog system. Only contents leave behind after media or blog system went by one after one.

With enthusiasm for program development left I try to keep on writing life journals and my technical writings.

從無名/痞客邦,到 Blogger,又到 Digital Ocean 上架了個 Ghost Blog,似乎逐漸失去寫的能力,越寫越少!一路流浪到淡水 Github 暫居下來,帶著我對程式的些許熱情,加上免費 Hosting 又能用 Markdown 亂寫的份上繼續寫,希望能逐漸打造成像樣的家。


Updated @ 2019/2/24