Quickly mute and unmute mic on Mac

During #pandemic you’re #WFH , are you sick of constantly mute and unmute your microphone in the meeting? Keep looking for mute button in app after app? #MicrosoftTeams ? Or #GoogleMeet ? #CiscoWebEx ?

Don’t bother anymore. Here’s a quick setup then you’re ONE hotkey away from mute or unmute your microphone across entire Mac.

You only need system’s Automator app.

  1. Create a Quick Action workflow
  2. Set “Workflow receives current” option to “no input”
  3. Add “Run Shell Script” action
  4. Paste: osascript -e "set volume input volume 0
  5. (Repeat steps above and paste: osascript -e "set volume input volume 100”) to another workflow file called “Unmute systematically”
  6. Save this Quick Action as “Mute systematically”
  7. Set a global shortcut you want in  > System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services


Enjoy your peace of mind and remember to unmute when someone starting to talk!

I’m enjoying my peace of mind. Hope it works for you too!

Wondering if there’s a hotkey for iPad?